A Growing Season

Telling stories about the absurd and extraordinary in everyday life.


The nesting instinct is a powerful one. It compels us to prepare a home for something new. No one is more surprised than I am to find myself “re-nesting” now. I have my moments of stereotypical empty nest syndrome, but these moments are fewer and farther between than I would have expected.

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Here We Grow Again

Everything in my life is about to enter a new season. It’s all exciting. It’s all scary. It’s interesting and fulfilling. It’s sad and difficult. In other words, it’s life.

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A Garden View

While I know the days must seem long and dreadfully boring to her, I feel blessed to have these quiet hours to hold her hand and simply be present, as she has always been for me.

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Simply Edamame

I like my food simple, in part because I was raised in rural Iowa where our foods were very uncomplicated (except for a handful of truly strange jello “salads”) and partly because I don’t cook that much. I just don’t have the time. A few weeks ago I was a part of a great group of Arkansas bloggers who participated in the annual Bean2Blog event at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm, sponsored by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board. One of the things I learned was just how simple it is to incorporate soy, especially edamame, into a very simple eater’s diet.

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Drop Me a Line

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