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Angie Albright

Welcome to “A Growing Season”! I am Angie Albright and hold a number of titles and interests. I am the mother of a very funny, very bright 18-year-old son, a locavore, hard core Lutheran, newbie empty-nester, craft beer lover, and Law & Order addict. In my heart I am and always will be a teacher.

Angie Albright

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Small profile imageI am currently the Director of Programs at the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance, which means I get to develop, teach, and promote programs that help nonprofit organizations around the state of Arkansas do their good work even better. I’ve also worked for the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, and I was the Executive Director of the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter for over three years. I spent many years teaching college English before that, but have done stints as a bartender, waitress, retail manager, writing tutor, historian, editor, grant writer, and house cleaner (no evidence of which appears in my own home these days). I am active in my community in several civic organizations, including Fayetteville Northside Rotary, Fayetteville City Council Environmental Action Committee, and Feed Communities. I’ve been a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for many years.

I tell stories about growing up a farm kid in Iowa, being a loyal Arkansas transplant, single parenting, and parenting a teenage boy in all its glory and horrors. I chose “A Growing Season” as a book title several years ago as a metaphor for all the changes happening in my life, that happen in everyone’s life really, and its relationship to the growing seasons of the farm that I used to be so in tune with as a child.


For my son, my family, my friends, and my generation I would like to create a better narrative and archive of our shared history than what I’ve done so far. My poor child. If he were to judge my parenting by his baby book or the chaotic state of all of our pictures, he might decide I wasn’t much of a mother. He knows better, I hope, but I’d like to create a little proof that I work hard at being a mom, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, and professional.

I love to write in all kinds of genres and am an experienced educator, speaker, and program developer. My online resume is available AngieMalloyAlbright.com, and I would love to write for you or speak to your department, organization, or club about a wide range of topics.


  1. My friend: the site is absolutely STUNNING! It looks fantastic and captures all that is so uniquely and wonderfully you. Congratulations!

  2. You have a beautiful site. Thanks for sharing it. I just retired after 30.5 years teaching mostly PreAP English. I am looking forward to meeting you at AWBU.

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