The other night my teenager and I were watching Gone Baby Gone together, the film starring Casey Affleck about the kidnapping of a little girl who ends up with the police officer (played by Morgan Freeman) and his family who decide to keep her instead of returning her to the birth mother whose life is chaotic, to put it nicely.

Movies like this make for great conversation with teenagers whose moral compass often runs very black-and-white. We were arguing over whether the girl should be returned to the birth mother or left secretly with the “nice” family. I argued that the Morgan Freeman character doesn’t have a right to play God and choose which families should raise which kids. (He at first disagreed with me but by the end of the movie he joined me in my opinion. Yeah!)

My very wise child quipped, “But Morgan Freeman is kind of like God. At least he played him once.” I couldn’t quit laughing over that one. I think many of us think Morgan Freeman sounds like God and most of us would like having his comforting and authoritative presence as our father, grandfather, or uncle.

Morgan Freeman as God

Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty

My son and I must have similar brains (in fact, I know we do). The next day his Facebook status said, “I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life.” Wow. Think of his voice in Shawshank Redemption and the wonderful narration. Wouldn’t it be great if Morgan Freeman’s voice was the one telling our story? We would all seem to be such better people than we really are; we’d be more interesting; and our stories would end so much more happily.

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