Did you hear that sonic boom? Did you notice the pieces of the sky falling the last time you looked out your window? If you saw or heard these phenomena, then you have witnessed my ninth grader’s social life exploding and falling to pieces.

No, he did not accidentally go to school without his pants. He did not blow milk through his nose from laughing too hard. No, the only thing that caused his entire social life to fail was the mere threat that his dad and I would participate in his first homecoming dance and date. The mere mention that his parents would want to show up at the young lady’s house to take pictures and do other traditional (if embarrassing) parental homecoming duties sent him into apoplectic fits.

When I reminded him that he would need a ride to the girl’s house, he did have to concede that I would have to participate to at least that extent. I will have to go into guerilla mode, but I WILL be taking pictures, even if it kills him.

The dance is in five more days. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of Homecoming 2010.

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