The title is a vast overstatement, but it got your attention, didn’t it?

Arkansas Women Bloggers

One of the great joys of my blogging life is the many new friends I’ve made and relationships I’ve cultivated with a diverse group of writers and bloggers. The largest force locally for creating a supportive group is the Arkansas Women Bloggers (AWB). The women behind this effort to create a state-wide circle of support for women bloggers–Stephanie, Julie, Beth, and Fawn–are innovative, kind, and deeply interested in all of its members’ success. One of their coolest ideas has been to feature a different blogger each month on their site.

I got my turn to be Blogger of the Month for AWB this past November. It was so much fun! The links to the three posts I did especially for their site are listed and described below.

I invite readers to not only check out my posts (obviously, right?) but to stick around on the site and listen to some of the charming, smart, funny, and endearing voices of Arkansas women.

Miss November, 2012 – Angie Albright was published on November 1 and is the obligatory “introduce yourself” post. It is here, though, that I confess to some of my lesser parenting skills and mention for the 9,000th time my trek across Spain.

The Thanks I Get: In Honor of Thanksgiving is the post I had in my head for many months. My time as a director of a women’s shelter and as a teacher were profound in many ways, but finding out what you mean to the people you serve is a profound experience. Thanks giving is perhaps the most significant act in making connections to other people.

Blogging IS Real Writing is another post that stems from a little rant I’ve had running in my head for a long time. I’m dedicating this to all of those people, bloggers and everyone else, who love words and are brave enough to put their words in front of other people. I name many of my favorite bloggers and people in this post and made a SERIOUS error in leaving out my friend Lyndi at NWAFoodie. Lyndi is one of the kindest, most supportive people I know and was an early “fan” of A Growing Season before I even knew if I would be able to stay with this writing thing. She also has a great food and food-oriented blog. Go check her out!

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