My family loves water, and we frequented all of the local lakes, ponds, rivers, and swimming pools in our vicinity when I was kid. I was a scaredy cat, though, and I didn’t like diving from the high board and I often looked on as my brother and my friends did the fun stuff. My former in-laws cured me of all that. Because of them I learned to jump from the cliff at Lake of the Ozarks and to do lots of other stuff my mom would have gasped about (I will go ahead and confess here, Mom, that I also climbed the fence at the Shenandoah pool and went swimming many times at night as well as going swimming in the Nishnabotna River off the sand bars even though you warned against it. You were right, by the way.)


Going head first, literally, into these things has made life a lot more fun. Luckily I gave birth to an adventurous boy. He has always been fearless in the water and loves water parks and pools as much as I do. So imagine my glee when I got an invite to preview the Rogers Aquatic Center the week before its official opening. I must love water parks, in fact, to be willing to appear in my swimsuit-clad body in front of the other Arkansas Women Bloggers who were there.

I am prepared to rave about most water parks, but this is for real. I love this place. In fact, I’m taking off work on my birthday in a couple of days, and my birthday request is for my son and I to spend the day at the Rogers Aquatic Center.

Northwest Arkansas has seen remarkable growth in the last decade, and the cities in our region have figured out that they need the amenities to accompany the growth and to keep businesses and non-natives sticking around. It’s just smart economic development, which is why the citizens of Rogers voted for this on a bond issue in 2011.

Don’t let the admission price throw you. They have punch cards and group discounts. But besides that, this place is FULL of things to do for all ages (well, especially if you’re me and even at middle age I love the big slides). It certainly costs less than taking the family to a movie and you get hours of fun outdoors rather than two hours of Hollywood’s drivel.

If you can’t find me this summer, check the Rogers Aquatic Center. You’ll hear me screaming as I fly down the Tree Top Drop.

This post was sponsored by the Rogers Aquatic Center but I only post about things I really love.


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