My ninth grader is in Spanish II this year with the same teacher he had for Spanish I. It’s going well, as opposed to last year when Spanish was a rather unpleasant experience for the student and the teacher. The following provides an obvious explanation for this change.

Mom: So, why are things going so much better this year with Ms. Profesora than last year?

Son: It’s so weird, she’s a WAY better teacher this year than last year.

Mom: Could it have anything to do with the vast improvement in your attitude about school?

Son: No, that has nothing to do with it.

What Mom thinks: Right, this veteran teacher of thirty years in the classroom suddenly changed her entire outlook on life over one brief summer, and the hormones and ever-changing moods of a teenager would never play a role in his ability to get along with authority figures.

What Mom says: Okay.

Why argue with such an insightful observation?

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