An Aha Moment!

In spring of 2010 I got an invite to the Fayetteville, Arkansas downtown square to tell a story about my own “Aha Moment” sponsored by Mutual of Omaha. These Aha! moments are often moving and inspiring. The thoughtful telling of our stories about how we grow and learn and are amazed show us just how much we all have in common and yet how much we have to learn about life.

My own story comes from a very specific moment when I was driving down Wedington in Fayetteville and stopped at the light at Sang. I was newly divorced, newly a single parent, and my father had just died. I was trying to figure out how I was going to be a good parent in this new family structure and without my dad, the man I had hoped would be one of my supports and a model for my young son. But then it hit me. I realized from my own parents’ example that the best parents simply model being good people.

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