This week I’m participating in {BLOGtober Fest} hosted by Arkansas Women Bloggers. Each day this week we’ve been given a different topic, and we’ll all be posting on that topic but with our own take on that topic. Today is “recycling” day and we’re re-posting a past favorite blog post. I posted this in November, 2011 at a time when my life was changing a lot. Exactly one year later, I’m back to thinking about all that change again and this post is timely all over again. I’ve added a line to it to bring it up to date.

Camino de Santiago yellow arrow

What if the “worst” thing that happened to you actually was the arrow pointing you in the right direction?

I thought getting a divorce would be the end of the world. Instead it was the beginning of a really wonderful life.

I thought being a single parent would be a nightmare. Instead, though sometimes hard, it’s been joyful beyond measure.

I thought leaving teaching was possibly the dumbest thing I’d ever done. Instead, it was very wise.

I thought leaving my director’s position at a domestic violence shelter would be devastating. Instead, it’s been healthy–physically and mentally–and it has brought blessings to me that I could not have imagined.

I thought having to rely on my own wits and talents would be too scary. Instead, it’s filling my heart and giving me a clarity about life I’ve never had before.

What if the very thing you fear the most is not something to be feared at all? What if your better life and better self are actually on the other side of the terrible, rotten thing?










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